Welcome to my website! My name is Mylo or Anastasia (any pronouns), I'm a genderfluid 18yo from Bristol, UK, founder of the solo music production project 'Pyxel Music.' I'm...

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Hailing from Bristol, England, Pyxel is an 18 year old music producer that has been composing for a very long time. Since he was 10, he has been learning and writing songs, and takes a very dedicated approach to his projects. He rarely backs down from a project, and will stick to them unwaveringly until they are finished. For example, He has been writing a book and making music about the fictional universe the entire time since it was created in 2021.

Pyxel has over 6 albums and EPs, with numerous songs within them, each dealing with the concepts and themes of their projects. Pyxel has been described as making relaxing, calming music, with clear influences from artists such as Boards of Canada and Tally Hall. His music is perfectly suited for background music, such as songs that may play behind a movie, show, or audiobook, paying fine attention to the smaller aspects of a composition that give it its purpose and place in a story.

He is not just a producer, however, as he also records his own vocals. Taking a very poetic approach to songwriting, he always pays attention to the meter of each line, keeping each verse consistent. Overall, he does use a very specific workflow in songwriting, but this does not mean he is incapable of working with others, as evidenced in his collaboration with The Underneath for the collaborative track 'Canary' made in 2023.

Pyxel can be contacted here, and is open to any sort of inquiry if it is concerned with hiring him to work on a soundtrack or any sort of song given he is told clear guidelines as to what the client wants, what their themes are, and what they expect out of him; he will not dissapoint.

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You can contact me at mylohodges+pyxelm@gmail.com!