About Me

My name is Mylo Hodges, but online, I go by Sciurium, Pyxel, or Pyxel Music. I'm British, I'm autistic, I'm a guy, I'm a Christian, and I've been artsy since time immemorial. I like a lot of things, dislike just as many, and have a lot of interests.





Music has been one of my main interests since I was 10 in 2015. I began learning the songs from Undertale on my keyboard, and eventually began to create my own compositions, which then compounded with my access to software such as Beepbox, Garageband, or Logic Pro more recently, and I've composed an array of songs and albums over the years.

As a consumer, however, I love a various array of genres such as 80s pop and rock, indie rock, IDM, soundtrack, and chants. In addition, I like artists such as...


Worldbuilding has been an interest of mine since I was 13. Since 2019, I have been working on and off on many worldbuilding projects, and I finally settled on one in 2021 which I have been working on since.

It follows a cast of characters going on an adventure to release an ancient deity back into the world so that it would destroy evil. Their minds are clouded by ambition and the wish to save the world, only for the deity to throw the world into destruction and chaos once it realises how corrupt the world had become since it was trapped.


Christian theology has also been a recent development, I had been calling myself a Christian since 2021 but only began taking it seriously around the beginning of 2023, when I took the initiative to attend church.

Not only do I find merit in the theology, but also the bible as a whole fascinates me, that ancient text have been preserved over time, and that it all means something today.


Finally, books have also been an interest of mine since I began reading more in 2021. I have read cover-to-cover books such as Brave New World, Metro 2033, Roadside Picnic, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Macbeth, and I have begun to read The Lord of the Rings, Dune, The Travels of Ibn Battuta, and of course, The Holy Bible; I prefer the ESV translation.

In addition, I have recently been delving into poetry, as prodosy and meter interest me from a linguistic point of view. During my GCSEs in 2022, I studied poems such as Bayonet Charge, Ozymandias, Exposure, and The Charge of the Light Brigade; these are my favourite poems I read during that time.


I have been interested in linguistics since I played Assassins Creed: Revelations at the age of 10. Italian fascinated me, and I attempted to learn it. This isn't a great feat, as I've also attempted to learn Russian, Latin, German, and Hawaiian. However, the furthest I have gotten learning a language is Welsh, which I began learning in 2021.

I am 14% Welsh by blood, which was a motivator, and I have also been to the country many times and gained an appreciation and fondness for it. I have memorised about half of welsh grammar, but the vocabulary is a different story. I hope to be able to form sentences more effectively going forward, as I have memorised the methods employed to form them. It has been really rewarding and really fun being on this journey.